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January, 2014

The passing of legendary Canadian songstress Rita MacNeil in 2013 was an unexpected shock to her family, friends, fans, business associates, and the Canadian music world in general. No one ever expected that this incredible lady, loved by millions, would leave us so soon. Along with vivid memories of her beautiful voice, warm personality, brilliant sense of humour, and love of life, Rita has left the world an incredible legacy of music and song that will live on for decades.

Following her passing, those closest to her felt it appropriate to release a special collection of some of her most cherished songs. After many hours of thought and consultation, Rita’s son and long time manager Wade has put together this collection of 19 Rita MacNeil classics appropriately titled “Traveling On”. The songs were selected from every album she released, going back to her very first album “Born a Woman” and progressing right through to her final CD entitled “Saving Grace”.

“Traveling On” is undoubtedly the most special collection of Rita MacNeil recordings ever released. The CD, along with others from her collection, can be purchased from the STORE.

  1. Who Will I Go to See
  2. Part of the Mystery
  3. I’m Not What I Seem
  4. Flying on Your Own
  5. Reason To Believe
  6. I’ll Accept the Rose Tonight
  7. Shining Strong
  8. Home I’ll Be
  9. It’s for You
  10. On a Friday Afternoon
  11. Working Man
  12. Common Dream
  13. Time and Again
  14. When we Overcome
  15. Moon was Rising
  16. Green Green Grass of Home
  17. One By One
  18. Weary Travelers
  19. Let The Sun Come Through
Rita MacNeil Traveling On