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Brian Edwards – The Promoter – Book


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Brian Edwards – The Promoter

An Entertainment Success Story

(by Ed Arnold with Brian Edwards)

He’s been in almost every town and city in Canada, promoted and booked acts that millions of people have loved including Red Green, Stompin’ Tom Connors, Tommy Hunter, Frank Mills, Rita MacNeil, Charley Pride, Kitty Wells and so many others throughout Canada and the United States. While the entertainers, theatres, arenas and concert halls will know his name, you probably don’t.

Brian Edwards, has always kept his name in the background, grinding out a success in the very difficult business of entertainment since he was 17. Born in Cordova Mines Ontario (population 120) and growing up in Peterborough, now, for the first time he opens up about his life, the lives of people he has been privileged to work with and building a successful career from nothing to one of the best kept secrets in Canada.

Legendary Canadian singer/songwriter Stompin’ Tom Connors often listened to the stories of his long time promoter and suggested it would make a good book.

Journalist Ed Arnold, along with Brian, take readers into Brian’s world and unveils the true stories behind some of his favourite people and special moments on the way to becoming  . . . THE PROMOTER.

This 420 page hard cover book is filled with stories and some photographs never before seen and takes readers through 40 years of his Rocklands’ Entertainment business. It’s the story of a man who by age 17 was professionally promoting concerts – the youngest person ever to have a booking agency license in North America… A story of never giving up, hard work, taking risks, caring about the people he worked with and them caring about him.

His journey takes readers to a shooting in Minnesota, a move to Nashville that wasn’t quite right, plus bus rides, plane trips, road weary journeys and endless stories about the entertainers.

Stompin’ Tom was so right… the life of legendary promoter Brian Edwards makes for a very interesting book.


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