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Dion Pride – Self Titled – CD


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Fans of the great Charley Pride are excited to learn that the music will definitely not end with Charley’s generation with the release of the first CD by DION PRIDE. Dion is the son of Charley and Rosene Pride and no two parents could be happier with their son’s achievements. Dion has opened shows for the legendary Fats Domino and has also toured in Canada, the United States and Europe with Charley, as well as having made Televised appearances on The Grand Ole Opry.

This first CD, recorded with his dad’s renowned band “The Pridesmen”, proves beyond a doubt that Country Music talent does pass down from one generation to the next.

  1. Leave Him Out Of This
  2. I Won’t Lie
  3. Rhinestone Cowboy
  4. Only More
  5. Wherever You Are
  6. Moonlight Lady
  7. Fourteen Carat Mind
  8. Drive Me Home
  9. She’s It
  10. Rose Colored Glasses
  11. Only Daddy That’ll Walk The Line

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