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Frank Mills – After The Dancer


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Here is what FRANK MILLS has to say about his latest project – “AFTER THE DANCER

“There is no doubt that Music Box Dancer will continue to be enjoyed by fans around the world for many years to come. Although I thank God for the many doors it opened there are no special children in my family of songs. After she danced her way to the top, my passion for the piano, the rich sounds of a large classical orchestra and the excitement of a tight and energetic rock band tastefully augumenting my songs would become the direction my piano compositions would take. The  very best of the old and the new, it would be what I call Classical Rock.

“After The Dancer” is a collection of what I think are the very best of my piano pieces, pieces that after Music Box Dancer remain the most requested songs in concert by my most discerning fans. If I had to pick one of the more than twenty albums that represent the best of my life’s work this would be it.

Masterfully arranged and orchestrated by Jim Pirie and Eric Robertson, the large orchestra adds depth, emotion and counterpoint to the simplicity of my compositions. The rock band of rhythm, bass, acoustic and electric guitars adds energy, excitement and fun.

Digitally rerecorded, remixed and remastered by my friend of many years and technological wizard Hayward Parrott, this compilation features the very finest of today’s recording technology and first generation sound.

My journey in music has offered me a wonderful life for which I am most grateful. On the beaches and in the cities the ice cream trucks play Music Box Dancer to young and old alike. That said I hope you will enjoy what I believe to be the very best of my life’s work, the songs that came “after the dancer”.


1 – A Classical Rock

2 – A Song for Haruko

3 – Storm Warning

4 – Interlude

5 – Sunday Morning Suite

6 – A Spanish Love Song

7 – Rondo In America

8 – The Blues Don’t Last

9 – He’s Alright

10 – Prelude To Romance

11 – Moving On

12 – Sadness Is Goodbye

13 – Concerto for Piano, Rock Band, and Orchestra (Allegro, Adagio, Finale)




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