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NEVER SAY NEVER – Walt & Bill Williams – Book


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Walt & Bill Williams – The Road Warriors – (book)

There isn’t likely an agricultural fair or major exhibition board in Ontario, or maybe in all of Canada, where somebody doesn’t know them or consider them personal and reliable friends, and if they don’t chances are they are very familiar with the names “Trans Canada Hell Drivers”, “Thrill Show Productions Limited” and “Canada’s #1 Demolition Derby”. Many of those same Fairs have featured their shows more than once, and some of them for twenty-five or thirty years in a row without fail. That is the legacy of Walter & Bill Williams.

Fasten your seat belts and enjoy as journalist Ed Arnold takes you on one of the most fascinating entertainment stories ever… a story that begins not with an automobile but with a fiddle, piano and ukulele, then moves on to roller skating with flips and jumps that mesmerized, and eventually the only high aerial trampoline act of its kind in the world.

In 1964 when these identical twin brothers from London, Ontario embarked on a journey to work with the Jack Kochman Hell Drivers at the New York World’s Fair little did they know they would return home to create “The Trans Canada Hell Drivers”… a show that would kick off a motorsport entertainment legacy that would last well over fifty years. When the twins saw a future in the sport of Demolition Derby they would become the first to offer this game-changing competitive sport. Later they would enter the world of monster trucks, FMX motocross, and providing fairs with major music stars and variety acts.

This incredible book which spans over 380 pages includes 130 pictures along with the detailed story of their amazing journey in live entertainment. It is truly an inspiration for anyone who does or does not think you can make dreams come true with hard work, risk-taking, and the ability to welcome so many people as part of their families.

The Williams Twins may be one of Canada’s best kept secrets, but should be remembered not only for their talents and skills, but also for their integrity, generosity, and stellar reputation.


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