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Dr. Nelson Lester – My First Ninety Years – “More To Remember”


Dr. Nelson Lester’s second book… written, because quite frankly, he had “More To Remember”!

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When Dr. Nelson Lester, a retired Veterinarian from Lindsay Ontario Canada, wrote his first book entitled “MY FIRST NINETY YEARS” he suspected that it might only contain a portion of the memories that would come after 50 years of Veterinary practice and over 90 years of living in the same community.

So, with the thought process brewing and with the encouragement of family and friends, he once again sat down and put pen to paper and started to write again because, as the title suggests, he did indeed have “More To Remember”.

Those who have already had the opportunity to see this second book say that it is not a continuation of the first one, but rather an expansion on the memories, stories and experiences of ninety years. Some of the stories are new… some of the stories are expanded upon with more detail and more elements… and some of the stories are ones that he simply didn’t recall the first time around. The new 238 page book also features an additional twenty five never-before-seen pictures from his personal collection.

Whether or not you have already enjoyed his first book this new one will be a great addition to your collection because he definitely has “More To Remember”.

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